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Big Things Films is an independent, story-driven production company founded by Cillian Murphy & Alan Moloney.

We collaborate with singular filmmakers, writers, actors and directors who have something to say and are passionate about what they do. Projects will provoke, inspire and explore themes that take audiences to places that can often reveal core truths about who we are, regardless of genre or format.

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Our Projects

Small Things Like These

Premiered at the Berlin Film Festival 15 February 2024

Small Things Like These takes place over Christmas in 1985, when devoted father and coal merchant Bill Furlong (Cillian Murphy) discovers startling secrets kept by the convent in his town, along with some shocking truths of his own.

The film reveals truths about Ireland's Magdalene laundries — horrific asylums run by Roman Catholic institutions from the 1820s until 1996, ostensibly to reform “fallen young women.” Adapted from the Booker Prize nominated novel by Claire Keegan. It is an Irish/Belgian co-production, financed by Artists Equity. Supported by Screen Ireland.

written by

Enda Walsh

directed by

Tim Mielants


Cillian Murphy

Emily Watson

Eileen Walsh

Zara Devlin

produced by

Alan Moloney

Cillian Murphy


Matt Damon

Drew Vinton

executive producers

Ben Affleck

Kevin Halloran

Michael Joe

Currently in production

Steve is a reimagining of Max Porter’s novel Shy, and traces a pivotal 24 hours in the life of a head teacher (Cillian Murphy) at a reform school for boys in rural South West England, circa 1996. Financed by Netflix, Tim Mielants directing.